Bethlehem Ashram had its inception on 23rd December 1998 with the holy grace of God. The Ashram is located in a place named Perumpally in Kallar Panchayath of Kasaragod district. With the grace of Almighty God and with the spiritual guidance and advice of Fr. George Kuttickal, Brother Peter along with his wife Ms. Shaija and their three children started this institution

The family closed their textile shop “Jose Brothers” at Rajapuram which was running in a good way and established the Ashram in their own land. They realized the quality of faith with action and thus the pain and suffering of the poor. The beginning of the institution was marked by the rescue of a family from mass suicide. The family with parents and 4 children were in utter poverty and starvation. They could not commit suicide as they did not get the poised rice. Brother Peter came to know about it, talked with the parents and sent them to a retreat. The children were given food for a week. The couple who returned from the retreat with a ray of hope to live were paid off their debts of Rs. 30000, as well as they were brought along to the shed which grew into the present-day Bethlehem Ashram.The house became a shelter to those who were alienated and to those who begged on the streets. It became the home of orphans, mentally and physically challenged as well as the very sick. Despite the diversities in caste or religion, about 60 inmates reside at Bethlehem (basket of bread) in peace and harmony.

During the initial period there were lot of inmates including men, women and children. With the increase in number of inmates, new sheds were built on either side. With further increase in the number of people, a strong and closed building at least for women became a necessity. On the sixteenth day since strong prayer, being the only solution, was started for this purpose a stranger offered to build a building worth Rs. 2.5 lakhs through Mukalel Kuttichettan. The offer could not be accepted outrightly since there was a dilemma whether this was the will of God or a temptation of the devil. When sought guidance to the spiritual father Rev. George Kuttikal, he directed to accept the offer. The construction started in 2000 and in 2001 the house was consecrated which became a strong shelter for women in the Ashram

In the year 2005, Bethlehem Ashram was registered as a charitable trust and 1.5 cent of land was written for the trust. The Ashram functions in accordance with all the rules and regulations of the trust. Each year was a period of growth, overcoming all the crisis that existed in the beginning. Social workers, police and other authorities have been bringing in people to the Ashram from different parts of the country. Currently there are about sixty inmates residing here who are from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bengal, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The food, medicine and clothing they need are donated by many good people, churches, voluntary organisations etc. and from the income of Brother Peter.

This institution does not have any government aids or foreign funds. Even then it has not had to go out for collection. It is absolutely God’s providence that keep up this institution. Along with the helping hand rendered by people of goodwill, the ration permit from supply office provides 5 quintal rice and 2.5 quintal wheat every month. Though the supply fails occasionally, this benefit is reassuring.

As part of the phased growth of the Ashram it has received permission from orphanage control board to accommodate 100 inhabitants and the building facilities for this was also ready. His Excellency Mar Mathew Moolakkattu blessed the first building on 1st of February 2001. Soon with the grace of God the second building was consecrated on 4th May 2003, by Honourable Bishop of Jammu- Srinagar Diocese, Most Rev. Dr. Peter Celestine. By the sheer grace of Lord, the third building was blessed by His Excellency Mar Joseph Pandarasseril on 6th April 2008. Further constructions are proceeding even now.

During this period about 350 inmates were brought in here. Depending on the level of improvement of their mental health, about 50 of them were returned to their dear ones at home by enquiring the addresses said by them. This included even people from Gujarat, Bihar, Patna, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. There are hundred among them who died after arriving here. At present 60 inmates reside here joyfully. There are 9 children here born from pregnant women brought in from streets. They are sent to different institutions for their better education. The Ashram provides a favourable atmosphere for all those who come here devoid of all the hopes and aspirations of life to lead a pleasant and optimistic life ahead. The enchanting garden here attracts the attention of everyone. Aquarium, lovebirds, shuttle court etc have a pleasant healing effect on the inhabitants who reach here from a background of fear and terror. For the purpose of getting milk and egg, the inmates along with the authority engage in cattle farming, poultry cultivation, honey cultivation etc. which can be a cause for their success in life

Prayer is a key to life. The inmates here have recognised the strength of prayer in sustaining our life and Fr. George Kuttikal has played an influential role in framing this mindset within the inmates. When these children who had wandered the streets and did not know God came here and engaged in prayers 5 times a day and in the vigil prayers every 2nd Friday of the month they are showered with blessings of God. The inhabitants here receive treatment and medicine under the headship of psychiatrist Dr Suja Pandya of Kasaragod as well as they receive counselling once in a month by MSW graduates. St. Mary’s hospital Malakkallu and Govt. hospital Poodamkallu are also accessible when essential.

The construction works of the fourth building began in 2013 and it was blessed in 2018 by Most Rev. Mar Mathew Moolakkattu. The work initiated with just 3 lakh rupees in hand had passed 1 crore after the construction. This was nothing other than a miracle of God. The previous buildings were also miracles of God. The construction of 2nd building was begun with just Rs.10,000 offered by a person. The work was completed in a year. It was the person who hesitated to give metal for the construction of this building who came forward to help in the construction of the third building. The person donated metal, stone and baby jelly needed for the work for free. Thus, the growth of this Ashram is the result of the kind heartedness of several people. Fr. George Kuttikal set an example of ministry and prayer and gave advice and guidance to everyone in the Ashram. As they follow this lifestyle set by father Kuttikal, the managers of the institution have never had to ask anyone for a penny. Among the 9 children here, 2 were married off in May 2020. The remaining children are pursuing their studies. The Ashram and its inhabitants owe gratitude to the common people, local self-governing bodies and voluntary organisations, churches etc that help in the smooth management of the Ashram.

Among the 9 children here, 2 were married off in May 2020. The remaining children are pursuing their studies. The Ashram and its inhabitants owe gratitude to the common people, local self-governing bodies and voluntary organisations, churches etc that help in the smooth management of the Ashram. Mrs. Shaija Peter, wife of Brother Peter is a strong support for the husband in this great endeavour. Though initially she expressed dissatisfaction to husband who engaged in charitable activities without focussing on agriculture and trade, she lives now as one among the inmates by monitoring, controlling and caring them. Even the adult children of Brother Peter have adapted to this lifestyle. The Ashram started with nothing. It is not said figuratively but that was the fact. There was not even a building to live. It was just a shed of smoke with a rubber roller on the side, which was uncapable of accommodating at least a small family. The members here slept on floor for a long period without the facility of food, water, medicine, electricity, money or sanitation. The opposition from friends, family, natives and even the priests and nuns added fuel to the fire. But they did not give up their mission. Brother Peter, his wife and three children along with the 6 members of the adopted family and 15 members picked up from the streets began this Ashram solely relying on prayer and the advice of Fr. George Kuttikal. Looking back over the past 22 years, it is evident that God’s miraculous interventions and cares lead and nurtured this institution. Glory and gratitude to the Almighty.


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